Fully Released Games

Rogue Craft

Craft and battle to reclaim the relics!

Released 2018 Play for Android Here!

The deal is simple: harvest and craft your greatest weapons, armor, and potions, and fight mythic beasts until you've saved the land! But beware, the perma-death is brutal, and you WILL lose all your progress.

Main Story-line goes something like this - Ancient relics of power have been stolen from the kingdom, and at the same time the flora and fauna of the country have gone berserk! It is your job to fight through each zone, defeat the boss, and retrieve the powerful relics!

Play for Android Here!


Endless arcade-style shooter with a Puzzler twist!

Released 2017 Play for Android Here! Play for iOS Devices Here!

Shoot down gems with your cannon, and collect the pieces to shoot more powerful rounds. Be careful and shoot for batches of same-colored gems. The game gets harder and harder the longer you survive! Can you formulate a stratagem for ShatterGem?

Play for Android Here! Play for iOS Devices Here!

Kitty City

Unique Cat-Matching Puzzle Game for Android!

Released 2013 Play for Android Here!

Welcome to Kitty City! Match same-colored kitties by tapping an empty space that intersects their row or column on the board. Kitty City is a simple yet involved puzzle matching game that requires reflexes, hand-eye coordination and patience. Gameplay starts out simple but quickly requires you to make faster and longer chains of combos to earn special powered kitties, whose ability to clear lots of kitties on the screen will help you suceed! What are you waiting for? The kitties of Kitty City need your help!

Play for Android Here!

Dig Diggity

Strategy meets puzzle platformer in this excavation-style game!

Released 2017 Play for Android Here!

Guide the red-haired digger Lith through puzzles one level at a time that require thought, planning and proper use of your resources. Collect gold and other precious resources while dodging the inhabitants of the inner layers of Earth, in order to reunite with your long-lost friend!

Play for Android Here!


Endless, single tap, and unique!

Released 2014 Play for Android Here!

Tap the screen to help Upperman dodge lasers! We've seen this gameplay before. But are you ready for a new kind of challenge, as obstacles scroll vertically and horizontally? See if you can get the highest score!

Play for Android Here!


Love Letter to Japanese SHMUP Games like Touhou

Released 2016 Download for PC and Mac here!

One day, the Four Seasons turned their back on earth, leading the world to fall into climatic disarray. Flora and Fauna, the deities of plant and animal life are on the case - get to the root of the rebellion! A love letter to traditionally difficult Japanese SHMUPs!

Download for PC and Mac here!

Game Jam Games


September 2017 (A Game By Its Cover, 1 Game A Month) Play Online!!

Play as our nameless protagonist, a wanderer whose only goal is to reach the top of the Tower of Hunger and find LA CRIMA, a stone fabled to be able to restore light to his world. Your only goal is to ascend the Tower of Hunger by reaching the stairs - kill monsters if you want, but run out of lives and you lose the game. It's a challenging chess-style game!

Play Online!!

Space Jammers

January 2018 (Global Game Jam 2018)Play Online!!

Intercept enemy transmissions and conquery your foes' planets in this RTS game about planning just the right attack method!

Play Online!!

All Hands on Duck

February 2017 (Global Game Jam 2017)Play Online!!

Press Space to make the rubber duckie jump at *just* the right moment to hit the wave and cause a large wave to knock over mean ol' pirates from the pirate ship!

Play Online!!

Sherpa Surfer

April 2017 (Ludum Dare 28, 1 Game A Month)Play Online!!

Hop from place to place in this Geography knowledge testing game! Your goal is to build a friend network where you can draw a graph from one country to another - your only clue is to choose countries that get progressively closer to your destination. Good luck!

Play Online!!


December 2017 (Ludum Dare 40, 1 Game A Month)Play Online!!

Snake meets horrific genetic experiment! Play the classic game of snake with a twist - your goal is to only collect matching genetic pairs in order to create a complex organism!

Play Online!!

Solar Castle

July 2017 (Ludum Dare 39, 1 Game A Month)Play Online!!

An endless-runner platformer with a twist - left click to jump, and right click to stand in place. When you stand in light patches, you regain power, and you gradually lose power when you are outside of one. Can you balance movement and recharging to make it to the top?

Play Online!!

Total Irrigation

August 2016 (Ludum Dare 36)Play Online!!

Create paths between rice paddies with the power of irrigation! Your moves are limited in this rice watering puzzle game - will you be smart enough to progress technology and feed your people?

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Room Wars

December 2016 (Ludum Dare 37) Play Online!!

Not all rooms are equal, and only one can be the best. Fight your way to the top to be the best room in the house. This is a very simple fighting game were you click on different buttons to either block or attack your opponent. As you block and attack, your special meter fills up, and once filled, you can unleash your ultimate move.

Play Online!!

Starry Search [Unfinished]

March 2017 (Weekly Hour Game Jam 12 2017, 1 Game A Month)Play Online!!

Use your mouse to find the stars, click to complete your findings, if you had fun then re-search them! Made for Weekly Hour Game Jam 12 2017 - Yes made in 1 hour!

Play Online!!

Castle Lancea [Unfinished]

March 2017 (1 Game A Month)Play Online!!

An unfinished "choose your own adventure" game about a group of bandits storming a castle! Text driven gameplay that was to culminate in a final confrontation with a mad king.

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